Amazing Tips: How to Install Google Chrome Without Internet

Amazing Tips: How to Install Google Chrome Without Internet

Google Chrome Web browser designed by Google itself, is the fastest and safest in the world. And best of all free. Most likely it’s one of your favorite browsers, and you can probably use it every day on all your devices.But maybe one day you decided to install it on a computer or computer from a friend who does not have an internet connection.

You discovered a problem: the installation uses the internet exclusively. “Oh no! Now, that can I do? “You said. Well, my friend! There is good news and we will tell you. Now you can install Google Chrome without internet. And best of all from its official website. Would you like to know how?

Install Google Chrome
Install Google Chrome

How to install Google Chrome without internet connection

The form of installation usually we must realize it from its official page. We’ll go to  first. Second, click the Download Chrome button, and then click Save or Run. If you choose Save double click to begin the installation, the process is completely automatic. When finished, a Google Chrome window will open welcoming you and asking you to register your Gmail email to synchronize the settings. Ready.

The process to Install Google Chrome without internet is called offline installer of Google Chrome (StandAlone) and is so simple that you will never forget.

Add the following parameter to the official page: Standalone = 1

And ready. It will look like this:

You can also use this help link to follow Google instructions.

Now you just have to follow the steps of a normal installation and you will have your installer to use it as many times as you want and where you want.

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One tip

Google Chrome is a browser that is constantly updated to avoid errors and keep it safe. For this reason, I recommend that every time or at least once a month download this installer, and keep it updated.

Now if you are prepared to use this great browser where you need it and without any limitation. Do not forget to share this discovery with your friends, acquaintances or with someone who can be of great help and tell us what you would like to know next time about Google and the wonderful world of the internet.

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