How to build a DIY Solar Air Conditioner with a Low Budget

How to build a DIY Solar Air Conditioner with a Low Budget

DIY solar air conditioner with the arrival of the summer season. Air conditioning at home is a choice that more and more people decide to do. We know very well how this practice is not really the best for our health and for that of the environment. For this reason, taking a cue from one of the major sites on the web in terms of do-it-yourself. We decided to suggest an economic alternative. Do-it-yourself and environmentally sensitive to the normal air conditioners in business.

What is Solar air conditioner?

How to build a DIY Solar Air Conditioner with a Low Budget

Solar panels in everyday life can be used both for heating and the use of solar air conditioning. They protect the environment and save on the cost of energy.

In a solar plant using two solar panels of 265 watts and only five or six hours of daily sun, we can obtain 8 to 10 hours of use of air conditioning. Also in a solar system panel can generate 48 volts of DC. It uses in several appliances alternating 110v and 220v with a power inverter.

In the installation of the solar panels regulators and inverters of current are needed to be able to operate the conditioned air and batteries.

For an optimal placement of the solar panels, you can use the roof by placing the solar panels with a south orientation. It depends on the latitude we are staying. You can buy some support for the placement of these types of panels in areas that we have for your use.

How to build a DIY solar air conditioner

How to build a DIY Solar Air Conditioner with a Low Budget

Building a DIY air conditioner is not at all difficult. It is an almost negligible expense for our portfolio as the cost of all components should be less than $20. Let’s move on to this point to see what we need:

  • About twenty wooden sticks.
  • A computer cooling fan.
  • A solar panel, batteries or other low voltage power sources.
  • An absorbent cloth.
  • Scissors.
  • Glue and a gun “shoot glue”.

And now that we have all the “ingredients” let’s see step by step how to go about it.

Step 1: The cooling fan and the logs

Before starting, we suggest that you ask any computer store if you can give yourself a fan. Usually, the stores are full of old accessories. Dispose of them for free giving them will surely be appreciated by the shopkeeper. So, once you have buy veterinary prednisone found the right fan, you will not be left to connect six sticks. Pu them at the ends on which the fan will rest.

Step 2: Covering

Now cut a few strips of your absorbent cloth (a towel or a beach towel will be ideal). Then you will cut an additional four of the same dimensions as the base. Glue, then the strips of cloth cut on the various sticks. Once done you will only have to connect another stick on the opposite side by gluing here a piece of cloth.

Step 3: Add wood

Glue other sticks together and stick them together as you did in the first step. Now, place another piece of wood that perfectly covers the width of the base on the other side.

Step 4: Coverage

Now take the previously cut cloth flaps of the same width as the base and glue them on the sides. Remember: the more cloth there is, the more air will be distributed optimally.

Step 5: Final task

At this point, you just have to wet the cloth with a spoon until it is completely soaked. Connect the fan to your power supply (solar panel, batteries etc.). Start to cool the house. Virtually the evaporation of the water is transformed into the conditioned air. It is possible due to the fact that the leaked heat is regenerated in cold air by the fan.

Advantages and disadvantages

How to build a DIY Solar Air Conditioner with a Low Budget

Among the advantages, you should take into account the cost of photovoltaic generation of these solar panels. In terms of the useful life of these panels has been greater than 30 years. The photovoltaic kWh price is well below conventional energies. Despite everything starts to be competitive with other technologies, therefore it will reach competitiveness in a few years. It continues supporting its development.

It is also worthwhile for the simplicity of the energy conversion. For the generation without emissions. In addition to the processes transformation of conventional energies accidents always arise and environmental pollution is very high. Contrary to what happens with solar plants for use in air conditioners. It is where we have a higher energy consumption.

Disadvantages of the solar air conditioner are very low. Its initial installation is expensive but in the long run, there is a huge economic saving.

Before buying a solar panel check this video:

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