How to use the ViewSwitcher application on Android

How to use the ViewSwitcher application on Android

The ViewSwitcher application is a new way of changing the content displayed on your android phone. This program can be used to display two different screens at the same time, which makes navigating through menus and apps on your device much easier. In this article we’ll discuss some tips for using Viewswitcher and what you need to do to get started with it!

What is a ViewSwitcher?

ViewSwitcher is an Android application that allows users to easily switch between different views within a single application. This can be helpful when working with multiple screens or when needing to view different parts of an application simultaneously. ViewSwitcher can also be used to quickly switch between applications.

How to Use ViewSwitcher on Android

ViewSwitcher is a great application for switching between different views on your Android device. It can be used to view different web pages, images, documents, or even different parts of the same document.

To open ViewSwitcher, first make sure that you have the application installed. If you don’t have it yet, you can find it in the Google Play store. Once you have ViewSwitcher installed, open it by clicking on its icon on your home screen.

Once ViewSwitcher is open, you will see a list of all of the views that are available on your device. To switch to a new view, simply click on the desired option and then wait for the new view to load.

ViewSwitcher is very easy to use and can be a great way to quickly explore different pieces of information on your Android device.

The Pros and Cons

The ViewSwitcher application is a great way to change the view of your Android device without having to go through multiple menus. The application has a few different features, and it can be used in a variety of ways. Here are some pros and cons of using the ViewSwitcher application.


-ViewSwitcher can be easily accessed from anywhere on your device.
-It is easy to change the view of your device without having to go through multiple menus.
-ViewSwitcher includes many different views, including a fullscreen view, a landscape mode view, and a portrait mode view.
-ViewSwitcher can be used with any application or game on your device.
-The application is free and available for download from the Google Play store.
-ViewSwitcher supports several languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Danish and Norwegian.


-Some users have reported experiencing problems with ViewSwitcher after updating their devices to the latest version of Android. If you experience problems with ViewSwitcher after updating your phone or tablet to the latest version of Android, try downloading an older version of the app from the Google Play store.
-Viewswitcher is not available on all devices running Android firmware versions 2.3 or later.

How to Set Up Your Screen Further

If you want to use a custom screen size on your Android device, there are a few ways to do it. The first is to use an app like ViewSwitcher. This app allows you to customize the size and position of your screens on your device.

To use ViewSwitcher, first make sure that you have installed it from the Google Play Store. After that, open it up and choose the “Screen Size” option from the main menu. You will then be presented with a list of different screen sizes that you can choose from.

Once you have found the size that you want, simply tap on it and ViewSwitcher will automatically set up the correct screen size for your device. You can also adjust the position of the screens by moving them around using touch gestures or by using the slider at the bottom of the screen.

Overall, ViewSwitcher is a very useful app if you want to customize your Android device’s screens in any way possible. It is definitely worth installing if you want to make your devices look and feel more unique than usual!


ViewSwitcher is a very versatile application that can be used for a variety of purposes, most notably for switching between different windows on your Android device. If you’re new to ViewSwitcher and want to learn more about its features, or if you just need a quick refresher on how to use it, read on!

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