8 reasons for women to take up rugby

Predominantly a sport for the boys, rugby is fast becoming a must-do activity for females everywhere.

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The England Women’s World Cup rugby win in 2014 inspired a nation of females to take up rugby. According to the BBC, statistics provided by the Rugby Football Union indicate that 10,000 more females are playing rugby in England now than in 2014, when the England women’s team triumphed.

With more females taking up rugby, here are eight reasons that the fairer sex should get involved in this sport.

It’s a great workout

Rugby tones and trims up the whole body, so if you’re looking for a sport that gets you in shape from top to toe, you can’t go too far wrong with this one. It will prove more effective at getting you fit than the gym.

It will tone your legs

As part of an all-body workout, rugby pays particular attention to toning the legs, so you can show off your svelte pins with pride on a night out.

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It’s accessible to all women

Whatever your shape or size, any female can enjoy rugby; being beefy and butch is certainly no prerequisite. Winger positions suit agile, petite ladies who can run fast, while those women with bigger frames would make the ideal forward.

It’s fun

Once you’ve mastered the rules of rugby, such as through a rugby drill video available at https://www.sportplan.net/drills/Rugby/, you’ll quickly realise how much fun the sport is. When you’re enjoying an activity, it helps reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

You’ll feel attractive

A toned body from playing rugby will give you confidence, and this will make you feel attractive. Even better, you’ll be attractive to others!

It gives you resilience

The nature of rugby will quickly prove how resilient you are. When you’re brimming with the feeling of resilience, this will leave you oozing with confidence, which will carry over into your personal and working life.

You’ll hone your teamworking skills

Rugby is about working as a team, and you’ll soon discover once you get into the sport how fast you hone your teamworking skills. It’s a great transferable skill to have in other areas of your life.

You’ll make new friends

Rugby allows you to form bonds with your teammates, but you’ll probably gain friendships with your opponents, too.

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