How to tell if gold is real at home

How to tell if gold is real at home

Many times you have jewelry at home believing that it are made of gold. However, they have really been designed in other metals such as, for example, gold-plated silver, among other possibilities because there are also made in other types of materials that can lead to deception. The best option to find out if an item is made of gold is to go to a professional jeweler, such as Jorge Juan Joyeros.

However, there are different methods and solutions, such as looking at the piece’s discoloration, its edges or taking it to a specialized center to have it evaluated. But, at home, you can also put into practice other series of actions, such as, for example, doing this check with products that are had at home such as bicarbonate or lemon, among others.

The options are diverse, having to follow different steps in each one of them. We will explain to you how to tell if gold is real at home with the different products and how they are applied so that you are sure whether or not your jewelry is made of gold.

How to tell if gold is real at home?

how to tell if gold is real at home

Lemon is a citrus fruit that is familiar for its acidic effect. And this particularity is what allows, with its juice, to determine whether or not the jewel in front of it is gold. To test it, you just have to do the following:

  • Cut a lemon.
  • Squeeze a few drops on the jewel in question.
  • Clean it with the help of white cloth.

After completing this process, the fabric should be observed. In this way, if the white cloth has turned black, it is not gold. In case of being gold, the cloth would be clean.

Check gold with baking soda

Baking soda is another solution that can be used to find out if a home jewel is a gold.

Thus, a solution has to be made with the two products and applied as if the test were done only with the lemon juice, as we have discussed in the previous section. The result is clear:

  • If there is no alteration in the ring, it is because it is real gold.
  • If there is any change in texture or color, it is definitely not gold.

Check gold with chlorine

Among the home remedies that you can use to find out about a jewel is chlorine. But how do you know if it is gold in a homemade way with chlorine? The process is also very simple.

  • First of all, you have to get chlorine, which you can buy in specialized stores. This product is used as the reagents that are used in specialized establishments to know whether or not a jewel is made of gold.
  • The key is to observe the reaction of the jewel when it comes into contact with chlorine. It is enough to put a few drops on an area of ​​the piece of jewelry.
  • In this way, if color changes or any modification occur in the jewel, it is because it is not gold.

In general, when alterations are observed in the jewel, the piece turns orange. This happens when it has been made of another material or contains some gold, but not entirely. In this way, the conclusion is clear: it is not gold.

Check gold with vinegar

If a product can really be useful to know if a jewel is gold or not, it is vinegar, which is widely used in cleaning because it is acidic. This characteristic, as with lemon, is what gives it this property for use in jewelry.

Its use is just as easy as the other home remedies that we have discussed. You just have to do the following :

  • Put some vinegar in a glass.
  • Put the jewel inside the mug.
  • Wait approximately 10-15 minutes.
  • Take out the ring and rinse it well with plenty of water.

After these steps, you will see if the jewel is gold or not. If there has been any change, the piece you have dipped is not gold.

how to tell if gold is real at home

How to know if the jewel is gold with fire?

Another way to know if a jewel is a gold is by using fire. To do this, it is enough to take the flame of a lighter or a match and bring it close to an area of ​​the piece of jewelry for about a minute.

The piece of jewelry’s reaction to this heat will give a clue as to whether or not it is gold. Specific:

  • If it does not darken and is only hot, it is pure gold.
  • If it melts or some other alteration occurs, it is plated or the jewel is made with another metal.

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