How To Make Pants In Minecraft?

How To Make Pants In Minecraft?

What should we use to protect the lower part of our body? It is very clear what we should wear, and those are Pants. This time we will tell you how to make pants in Minecraft? If it’s time for someone to have the pants, that’s you. Follow us and know how you can make them.

Pants are a garment used to dress every day, but in the world of Minecraft, pants are one of the 4 parts that make up the armor. If what you are missing are the pants, at this moment, we will tell you what to do. Also read: How to tame a Minecraft ostrich?

How to make pants in Minecraft?

how to make pants in minecraft

To make pants, we have a variety of materials, but if we are in survival mode, we will most likely have to climb the steps little by little until we have the best pants.

1. Get a pair of Minecraft ‘leather’ pants. You can find these in the creative inventory under misc., or at a leather shop. If you don’t have access to a leather shop, ask your friend for help!

2. Since you don’t want to walk around with bare legs, get yourself some shears.

3. Shear a sheep until one of its wool is at least 8 pieces long and 3 pieces wide (9×9 pixels, or 7×7 blocks).

4. After you’ve sheared the last sheep, make sure to turn off your shears by right clicking on them in order to save durability.

5. Place the wool on your crafting table to make two Minecraft wool blocks.

6. Place one of the Minecraft wool blocks above and below each leather pant leg, and then place a piece of dye on top of the block that is placed on top:

7. Once you’ve dyed all four pieces, place them back into your inventory and you’ve successfully made some Minecraft pants!

Leather pants are the first option if we are starting in the title

We will get the leather if we end up with horses, donkeys and cows. We just have to use the work table and place the leather in the grooves.

Now that we have obtained our pants, we can equip them. If we want to have better pants, we can have iron ones using iron ingots. If we do not have the ingots, we can still get them in layers 67 or lower than this and carry a stone pick with which we will destroy the iron ore obtaining the raw mineral. This will then be treated in the smelting furnace and will be converted into an ingot. Then we just have to place it in the same way as the leather.

And so on we will do it with gold and diamond. We will get the mineral in the corresponding layer and the same process is repeated. It should be noted that the diamond pants are the strongest. That is, they are the best in the game, while the gold ones are very showy, but their durability is little, being the iron pants more durable than the gold ones.

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