Are driverless cars good news for the disabled?

Recently, tests have been conducted with a view to introducing driverless cars on UK roads. The impact of these decisions is going to have far-reaching consequences. Initially, it seems that the main consideration is that a driverless car will just mean that existing drivers may decide to take a break at the wheel but if they are approved, it could open up the UK car market in so many ways. If the cars being produced are also WAV Vehicles, like those from, for example, it means that suddenly car ownership could become a reality, and option. for thousands more Britons.

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At present, those who cannot drive, for whatever reason, rely on public transport and private hire. If the car no longer needs a qualified driver, then it can be bought and used by anyone. It would be just like buying a washing machine or a new cooker. The owner would simply have to enter the coordinates for the desired location or have a favourites list, and the car will simply take them there. If they are electric, then a disabled person needs only to plug it in and not worry about petrol forecourts.

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This may mean the end of public transport as we know it as the cars need not be large 4 doors if only being used by one person. Also, the increased road tax revenue will be useful to the government’s coffers.

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