The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth the Second is seen as a watershed moment in Television History for the UK. Before the 1953 coronation the public were not enamored with this new form of media seeing it as expensive and pointless given they could see the events at the Cinema on Pathe News at the Saturday morning pictures, hear it on the Radio or read it in the Newspapers. However the event saw people crowding around TV Sets in the homes of those that owned them. This was further advanced by the Christmas Message that was first televised in 1957. Suddenly the Monarch was live and direct into people’s homes on the most special day of the year. Back then, as it is today, reception is everything and a TV Aerial Installation Gloucester company like can provide that.

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It was started by her Grandfather King George the Fifth in 1932, although he only broadcast on the Radio. Following his passing the new Monarch George the Sixth carried on the new tradition and Elizabeth  began the messages in 1952. It was broadcast to the then British Empire, what was left of it, and the newly formed Commonwealth of Nations.

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Elizabeth the Second’s first televised outing on the Message was in 1957. She was in a nice dress at her study desk surrounded by pictures of her family. She seemed like a regular girl giving over the family newsletter. It was filmed at her favorite Christmas retreat, Sandringham, and the format has been followed ever since.

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