Choosing the right Christmas gifts can feel like a real nightmare- we all want to get something thoughtful but can often feel stuck and end up opting for that toiletries set or some socks! One of the best ways to think outside of the box and get a thoughtful gift for the person who has everything and can be very hard to buy for is to think of their personality, the things that they like doing, and what is important to them.

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Here are a few ideas that might help you…

For Adventurous Types and Thrill Seekers – These types of people always want to try new things and often have a lust for travel and adventure. There are plenty of things that can be a great gift for this sort of person – if they love new experiences and thrills, then something like a chance to drive a fast car, or even a plane could be a great gift for them. If they are hoping to see more of the world in the new year, then look at handy things that they can use when they are travelling – from new luggage to travel sized toiletries, there are many great travel ideas.

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The Person who has it all – If the person you find hard to buy for is one of those that has no shortage of cash and just buys whatever they want when they see it, it can be difficult to choose a gift for them. However, some nice things that you could get for this sort of person include a voucher that they can use at their favourite restaurant – everyone likes to be treated to a meal out! You could also make them something – this sort of gift is something that no amount of money can buy, as time and thought will have gone into it.


Someone who Loves to Look their Very Best – This sort of person is the type who will be very image conscious, so think of things like designer labels, such as these Tommy Bowe shoes as well as luxury scents and personal grooming products. Good haircare will usually be well received, as will a voucher for their favourite hair salon, or nail bar. You could even treat them to a professional makeover where they can learn some new style tricks and tips!


Someone who Needs to Rest and Relax – If you know someone who is run ragged – whether they have a busy lifestyle or have been though a tough period of time and could do with some time spent on them, think of things that can help them to relax. Soothing scents for the home, a spa day or a meditation class are all great gifts for people who need to spend a bit of time resting and relaxing themselves.



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