It’s a tricky business choosing and after dinner speaker. You hope that the wine and the food has been up to the agreed standard but now you need someone to finish the evening with a memorable anecdote or 5 so that the guest live refreshed in the mind as well as the body. You might be in need of a decent Keynote Speaker and you can find some great options depending on the topic you are looking for. What famous person from the past would make an excellent dinner speaker and orator?

  1. Winston Churchill. Himself fond of a good meal, whiskey and conversation Churchill would be a great choice to finish off the night. He could regale your audience with tales of his youth and exploits against the Boers, his days in the political wilderness warning of Germany’s rise when no others would listen. The War years and the management of Britain’s slow decline as a world power might also be fun to hear.
  2. Martin Luther King. How brilliant would it be to her Dr King again? The man who made one of the most iconic and prophetic speech ever from the Lincoln Memorial in 1963. It would be amazing to hear him tell of his struggles for equality in North America that resonated throughout the world.

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  1. Joan of Arc. It takes immense depth of character and confidence to go to your King and say, after years of misery and defeat that you, a 17 year old peasant girl who has been charged by God should lead the army and the army will win if she does. If she can do that then she’d be more than capable of keeping the audience enraptured as she tells of the hardships and victories she subsequently had. She might even touch on how she wasn’t a Witch.

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  1. Oscar Wilde. A storyteller extraordinaire and a man whose life itself was worth telling Wilde would be the master of the put down and the anecdote. Even during his trial he was able to produce them.
  2. Anne Bonny and Mary Read. Both started life being passed off as a boy so taking up the rather male dominated world of eighteenth century piracy makes sense as a vocation for both of them. They could tell the tales of their partnership and how they organised a series of daring raids and robberies of trading ships. They only had a short time on the waves ending in a climactic fight with the authority’s whist the male pirates of Calico Jack’s crew hid below deck. As they were both pregnant they got away with being executed. What a tale they could tell.

None of them may be available but the link will get you through to someone just as good.

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