When you get to a certain age you might start to think that the car needs to be put away. Why bother tiring yourself out trying to get somewhere or having to go on the annoying motorways and then by going on a coach tour? You might find it a nice Gloucester Park Homes where you are living and if you’re not then a quick look on http://www.parkhomelife.com/park_orchardtwigworth.aspx can soon give you some ideas. A coach tour is a great way of seeing the world and letting the driver take the strain for you.

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With the building of the channel tunnel the doors to Europe and its wider environment has been thrown open. Why limit yourself to a plane trip when on a coach trip you can still see the world and have a nice drink on the way. Even better there are toilets on board or you can stop and stretch your legs at service station. What are the best trips to take?

  1. A themed one. If you’re a big fan of a television show then what better way of getting around the places it is filmed with a coach tour? One of the most popular in the UK is the tour around Oxford itself, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire.  This is the Morse and Midsomer Murders tour and you get to see and be taken around all of sights and outdoor locations for where the shows are filmed. So if you’ve ever wanted to wander the routes of Barnabas and Endeavour then this is for you.
  2. Highlands and Island. It’s a bit of a trek but what a trek it is! This will take you up through the A89 and Fort William then onto the capital of the Highlands Inverness with a stop at Fort Augustus as well on the way. With Inverness as you base you’ll be ferried around such sites as Culloden, Dunrobin Castle, John o Groats, Inverewe Gardens.
  3. The Capitals of Europe. What better way to see the capitals of Europe. You don’t have to do them all in one go but there are certain tours that allow you to visit each one although it would take a while.

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Any tour of Europe is worth well. They are tailor made to cover the continent and take in all of the sites that you would like to see be they historical, geographically or for a nice bit of shopping. With a coach trip the world is your oyster

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