Tips for storing your car over winter

Tips for storing your car over winter

There are many reasons why you may need to store a vehicle away for winter. Perhaps it’s a classic car that you only drive during summer. Maybe it’s a trusty campervan that you simply don’t use in winter. Either way, you’ll want to make sure the vehicle is well looked after when not in use, so check out these top tips for storing your vehicle over the wintry months.

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Clean and polish

Never store away your car without giving it a really good clean and polish first. This will ensure that moisture from mud doesn’t end up corroding the bodywork of your car.

Smart charger

One major problem of taking your vehicle off-road for a number of months is that the battery runs down. A nifty little smart charger which will keep it charged. It’s also still wise to turn the engine on every few weeks and leave it running for ten minutes.

Fuel and antifreeze

Make sure you have filled the tank up with fuel and the antifreeze is well stocked. The first will reduce condensation levels whilst the second will prevent freezing. Again, running the engine for ten minutes every so often will get the antifreeze round the whole motor.

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If you choose a garage, make sure that there is plenty of ventilation, it may even be worth leaving the window slightly ajar to let moisture leave the room and prevent it building up on the car. If there simply isn’t the necessary room in your garage, rethink your storage solution with off-the-floor garage shelving like these options found at, which will increase your floor space.


This simple substance is your best friend during winter. Generously spray all unpainted areas with WD40 which will also help prevent corrosion.

Tyre stopper

Rather than leave the handbrake on, which can end up fusing brake pads to discs, leave it off and use tyre stoppers to stop it rolling.


Despite being indoors, a good, soft car cover (not plastic) will stop dust and debris from settling on the vehicle. If your car is going to be stored outdoors, make sure the cover is rainproof and securely tied.

It’s really worth taking the time to store your classic car or camper properly, this will ensure it lives to see another summer.

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