Interior Design Trends of 2017

There are trends in almost every consumer product from what we wear, what we drive and how we decorate our homes. Each year designers are creating innovative new must-have patterns, furniture ideas and style themes that we can’t wait to grab a piece of for our own home décor. Here are some of the big trends of 2017:

Vintage – this trend has been circulating for a long time, possibly due to its timeless appeal. It has taken a slightly more feminine approach with softer colours being in vogue and intricate detailing. The trend this year has been for subtle vintage that provides a warm, welcoming backdrop with a hint of quirkiness that’s understated rather than overpowering.

Terracotta – a big trend this year has been the re-emergence of terracotta as a desired material for interior design. Terracotta provides a great rustic and Mediterranean feel appeal so to be one step ahead of the fashionistas, think about replacing old tiles or flooring with terracotta and geometric patterns.

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Hexagons – as mentioned above, geometric patterns and shapes have been and will continue to be big news in the world of interior design. It includes an air of minimalism and is ideal for adding a modern twist to décor. No doubt you’ll have spotted these ‘honeycomb’ style prints of everything from wallpaper to table lamps this year.

Designer Radiators – radiators always used to be function over flair but as an important part of the fittings and fixtures, why shouldn’t a radiator be glammed up too? Aluminium radiators in all shapes and sizes buy prednisone for dogs online have become very vogue over the last few years from vertical, spiral and coloured to designer towel warmers and everything in between. For a stylish range, visit

Headboards – upholstered and statement headboards are big business this year. The emphasis for bedroom interiors has been to introduce more depth, texture and charm and including a large, upholstered focal point like a headboard gives a warm vintage appeal.

Natural Touch – twigs and branches have made a big impact on style this year. Long and winding for a touch of drama, painted to match the rest of your interior or strung with fairy lights to lighten up a room. Placed in vases or mason jars, you can find twigs and branches with berries, fake leaves and cotton for a softer, natural look.

Reclaimed Wood Effect – as well as the popularity of vintage, rustic is enjoying a similar revival. Far cheaper than installing a new natural wood floor, reclaimed wood effect tiles also require less upkeep and look amazing in kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms, such is their versatility.

Neon Bursts – not to everyone’s taste but a blast of neon has been on trend this year. Little injections of bright neon combined with neutral colours has been seen on furniture edgings and other accessories. It’s not big and brash but all about subtle slivers of neon colour dotted around an otherwise neutral backdrop. The braver interior design enthusiasts might want to experiment with neon lighting which can add a stunning atmosphere if done in the right way.

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