The Best Places to Live in Calgary

The Best Places to Live in Calgary

Finding the best places to live in isn’t always easy, since each person has a different idea of what these places should be like. However, it’s still true that some places are simply better than others. If you’re searching through real estate listings in Calgary looking for your dream neighborhood, here are some of the best places that tend to rank highly in various surveys:

  • If you want to live where the action is, then you’ll want to join the 22,000 other residents of this energetic part of town just south of the downtown core. Here many of the residents (at about 42%) actually just walk or bike to work and some even go by skateboard.

At night the lifestyle turns frenetic, as the pubs are overflowing and cocktail bars and restaurants are full of young adults coming together. During the day, you can relax among the yoga studios, coffee houses, bookstores, and boutiques. Add the numerous green spaces and parks, and it’s no wonder that people here absolutely love their neighborhood.

  • This is a place that everyone seems to love. Here vibrant young families raise their kids among calm streets, shared with retirees relaxing in peace in their modest bungalows.

The neighborhood is defined by the C-Train on one side and the river on the other and both represent the 2 features of the neighborhood that make it so appealing. The entire neighborhood has this expansive open-air feel, and it’s as if you can breathe easier under the sun or beneath the shade of the mature trees. Yet the place also features numerous shopping amenities along with an easy commute to the downtown area. It’s the perfect mix of serenity and convenience, and that’s the kind of community that so many people love to live in.

  • This is located just north of Varsity, and like its neighbor prednisone order this area is a consistent favorite among local Calgary residents. It has a population of just about 7,100 with longtime residents mixing with young families and a student population that loves the proximity to the University of Calgary. Here there’s a preponderance of shopping opportunities, headlined by the presence of 4 grocery stores. It’s fun, friendly, and very comfy.
  • One of the reasons why Edgemont is so highly desired as a residential community is because it borders the huge Nose Hill Park. This if you like running or biking, or have hyperactive dogs, you’ll want to live here in Edgemont just for this park.

Of course that’s not the only feature that Edgemont residents appreciate. Most of the homes here (at 86%) are occupied by the homeowners themselves, and this leads to a very low crime rate. Many of the residents also join the community association, and there’s an undeniable sense of camaraderie among the locals.

  • Huntington Hills. This is located right between Deerfoot Trail and Nose Hill Park. It’s a community that ranks very highly for various factors. These include access to libraries, pathways, parks, and playgrounds. It’s among the best Calgary neighborhoods for grocery stores, schools, and recreational facilities. In other words, it’s the ideal community for families with children.
  • Signal Hill. Many people in Calgary know about Signal Hills’ Battalion Park and its impressive geoglyphs. But for residents in the area, another landmark to be thankful for is the presence of the huge Westhills Shopping Centre at the base of the hill. Signal Hill is also ideally located so that you can easily go biking in Bragg Creek, or ski at Nakiska. Signal Hills is a great combo of heritage, shopping, and outdoor adventure, and that’s why people can’t get enough of this neighborhood.

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