Reviews A minimalistic life style for me

A minimalistic life style for me

Increasingly I look around my home and think “Ive got to much stuff”. I really need to de-clutter and organise. One option is to take the whole lot and get a Skip Hire Swansea firm like to just take it away, maybe that’s a little extreme. Let’s look at the options.

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We own more stuff than any other generation before us. Go back and look in one of those open air Museums and you’ll see a 2how we used to live house. What’s the first thing that strikes you? No TV? Well yes that’s right there is no TV but I would rather draw your attention to the other bits of interior. It’s a bit sparse isn’t it. There is a reason for that. Unless you’ve walked into some Stately Home you will see that in the places our ancestors lived they actually owned very little. They certainly did not have as many nick-nacks and keepsakes and mugs and scented candles and ornaments and pictures and chairs as we do now.

Why is that? There are several reasons. The first is that we have more disposable income. Ever since food became abundant an cheap we’ve found that we can buy more stuff. Whether we need that stuff is moot. The trouble becomes when we have more stuff you need to store it somewhere. So, you have to buy more furniture buy prednisone leading to more stuff. If you are a hoarder, then you have got problems with a capital P.  You’ll end up with storage boxes to put your storage boxes in.

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Ok, so we know that more disposable income leads to more stuff being produced. However, back in the day most things remained expense mainly because they  were made from metal and wood. They could last a life time of cared for. The invention of our old friend the sea polluting plastic and mass production levels has meant that “things” can me made in much more and quicker batches. Look at Shopkins for example. If you are over aged 10 then Shopkins shouldn’t really interest you but if you have kids these little plastic figures are being produced at a huge rate. They change styles every year and the urge are to collect them like a hobby. Where are they going to go? Buy another bookcase.

The only answer is to either Feng Shui the place or just start at one end and work your way through it as I suggest at the top of the piece. This does not have to be knee jerk thing. Take you time deciding what is and what is not relevant to you. If you haven’t used it for 6 months, chuck it. That’s a pretty god rule of thumb. Best of luck with it.

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