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Memorable and luxurious performances are what we think of when Liam Neeson’s name is mentioned (June 7, 1952). Sharing scenes with Mel Gibson and Anthony Hopkins have made him one of the most recognized figures in the United States and the entire world. In addition, its 1.93 m height does not allow it to go unnoticed in the cameras, although its goodwill is also a remarkable characteristic. Find out more in this Liam Neeson net worth and bio!

County Antrim, located in Northern Ireland, was the place chosen by the married couple of Katherine Neeson Brown and Bernard Neeson to make their home. The husband worked as a janitor at a men’s school called Ballymena Boys All Saints, located in the town above.

Katherine, for her part, was a cook at a women’s college. On June 7, 1952, William John Neeson was born in Ballymena, whose arrival in the world brought joy to his parents and 3 sisters: Bernadette, Rosaline and Elizabeth. The boy’s upbringing was meticulously cared for. Because the couple had a deep faith in the Catholic religion, the boy also grew up believing that his entire environment was predominantly Protestant.

However, little William did not have any attraction to the artistic field because, on the contrary, he wanted to dedicate himself to some sporting discipline. Thus, at 9 years of age, he joined the All Saints Youth Club to practice boxing, whose training helped him become an amateur boxing champion.

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Liam Neeson earlier life

A short time later, at age 11, Liam gave his first public performance. However, it wasn’t out of his mind, but his English teacher thought the leading role would suit him. The little boy accepted because he wanted to spend more time with the girl who would star in the play and for whom, in addition, he was attracted.

Liam Neeson net worth

William John was named that way in honor of a priest who shared with his family often. Liam Neeson’s net worth is 145 million dollars. These projects were none other than the films Rob Roy in 1995 and Michael Collins in 1996.

Liam Neeson before he became an actor

Even so, we cannot fail to mention that Liam Neeson began to feel a taste for acting, which led him to participate in any play that was presented at his school. In a way, this was also thanks to a minister of the Catholic Church named Ian Paisley, with whom he had long talks about it.

However, this small desire was put aside when choosing his university career, so he preferred to go to Queen’s University in Belfast in 1971. In this room, he intended to take up the branches of computer science and physics. But these studies were not pleasant for Neeson, who returned to his hometown of Ballymena to seek his true passion.
Even so, the path was not so easy, and Liam had to go through a wide variety of jobs before he found the way that would lead him to act. That is how he worked as a truck driver and participated in the control of trucks that lifted the merchandise in the Guinness beer factory, one of the most famous in Ireland. A short time later, he tried his luck again on the university campus, but this time in England.

The intention of his enrollment at a prestigious university in Newcastle upon Tyne, one of the largest metropolises in Great Britain, was to become a recognized teacher. However, translating his teachings to children and young people did not quite attract their attention, so he decided to abandon his studies again.

Acting: his true passion

After a couple of failed attempts at universities and in sports (boxing and soccer), Liam Neeson recalled the performances he had done at school and decided to try his luck again in this area. In this way, he became part of the list of talents that the Belfast Lyric Players Theater had, and shortly after, he entered the Abbey Theater in Dublin, in his native Ireland.

John Boorman, a renowned British director, was the first to notice that Liam Neeson’s talent could not be limited to the stage. He proposed that he participate in the film that he would premiere in 1981: Excalibur. This first appeared on the big screen was only the beginning of what would be his true passion, that is, acting.
Mutiny on board in 1984, The mission in 1986, Waiting room to hell ( The blacklist ) in 1988 and The hotel of the ghosts that same year completed the film productions in which Liam participated during the decade of the 80. However, with the advent of the 90s, Liam Neeson welcomed his true success as an actor.

In 1990 El hombre sin Cara ( The face of revenge ) was released, whose performance gave him the honor of starting to be named in Hollywood. 3 years later, he starred in a feature film with a plot based on American history; it’s about Schindler’s List. Because this interpretation was impeccable, other projects on the same theme were proposed to the Irishman, who accepted without hesitation.

fherPersonal life and awards

Due to his contact with great acting stars throughout his life, Liam Neeson had various love relationships. Among the figures of the show with which the Irishman was related, we can mention Sinead O’Connor, Julia Roberts, Barbra Streisand, Janice Dickinson, Helen Mirren and Brooke Shields.

However, true love came from the hand of Natasha Richardson, whom the actor married in 1994. As a result of this union, they had 2 children, Micheál Neeson and Daniel Neeson. Everything was going well until an unfortunate event ended the actors’ relationship: Natasha passed away due to a head trauma caused by an accident on a ski slope in 2009.

On the other hand – and as you can imagine – Liam Neeson’s artistic career has been recognized on multiple occasions. Then, we can highlight the Volpi Cup for Best Actor, Golden Camera Award, Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award and the British Independent Cinema award that he has to his credit. Without a doubt, his acting career has left an indelible legacy in Hollywood and around the world.

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