For the most part, Mortgage advisors and Conveyancers like a nice quiet application process. Most of the time, they get it. People want to buy and sell properties of standard construction. This means bricks and mortar or breezeblocks and cement. However, there are many properties in the UK that do not fit these criteria. These make for an interesting Home Buyers Survey like the ones that Sam Conveyancing can help with.

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One of the most common types of property that the fits the non-standard construction category is that of pre-fabricated homes. These properties were built in great numbers and speed after the second world war. There was a shortage of material and available labour directly after the conflict. Still, due to social changes brought on by the Labour government, the replacement of slum housing with new, spacious homes provided by the council was needed.

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There was a lot of concrete around or the facilities to make it quickly. There was also a lot of surplus Tin and metal sheeting. The answer was to use them to make new homes, albeit temporarily. These were bolted and riveted together and took no time to put up. Over the years, many have had to be condemned, but others, some privately owned and some public, have been saved with repair work or replaced with bricks. Most lenders turn down a prefabricated post-war building if it’s not had remedial work done to it.

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