Everyone is strapped for time in today’s hectic life and no so more than the business owner. With so many tasks to complete in any given day to just keep the business running it is no wonder that many directors and small business owners struggle to spend time with family and loved ones as they are always on the clock.

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This is where employing the help of Virtual PA services like those provided by https://www.mushroombiz.co.uk/homepage/services/virtual-pa/ as the virtual PA can take on exactly the same tasks as an employed PA would but you have the added benefit of not being responsible for their sick pay or any of the costs that are attached to employing a member of staff.

There are a number of key tasks that you can delegate over to your virtual PA and these include:

  • Managing our social media channels – marketing your business is key to increasing your business visibility and therefore increasing your enquiries and hopefully your business. One of the best ways to do this is through social media channels including twitter, facebook, Instagram and pinterest. A Virtual Assistant can help by scheduling and regularly posting items on to each of these channels and driving engagement with the posts. You could also task them with uploading brand videos to YouTube to use the traffic and high volumes of people who look through this channel. This could be explainer videos or perhaps testimonials from your previous clients and customers.


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  • Dealing with customer correspondence – when business owners find themselves in the depths of their post and emails it can be one of the first things that drops off the bottom of their to do list. Why not have your post scanned into the computer and emailed across with any other emails that need a generic response for the virtual assistant to deal with.
  • Customer car calls – a virtual assistant can make customer care calls for you including follow up calls if you have sent them an items they have delivered or perhaps a post works call to check that they are happy with anything that you undertaken in their houses. These sorts of calls can help to make your customers and clients feel valued and listened to as you are giving them the chance to comment on your products and services without the initiative having to come from them.

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