3 Signs that You’re Ready to Start Training Hard Again after a Breast Augmentation Surgery

One of the few downsides to getting a breast augmentation procedure is the downtime (recovery period). This can be concerning for those who need to keep their bodies in shape, as not being able to work out for weeks can take a toll on their muscles and overall fitness.

Bodybuilders and athletes are especially concerned about this. The use of pectoral muscles are not recommended during recovery, so lifting weights are no recommended. Because implants are often placed underneath these muscles to achieve a more natural appearance, the muscles and tissues need to heal first before you can strain them. 

If this is the only thing that’s holding you back from going under the knife, you might want to know how you can bounce back post-operation.

Staying in Shape after a Breast Augmentation Surgery

Experts recommend doing light exercises right after the operation as it can help boost circulation and prevent blood clots. You can start by walking every hour or two around the house or in your backyard. After two weeks, you can already start doing something more intense like walking uphill or on a treadmill. 

It’s important to stick with routines that only involve your lower body during this time. You can still do some light to moderate cardio and a host of leg exercises but they shouldn’t use your pectoral muscles. You also can’t lift anything heavier than 10 lbs or use your arms for heavy pushing or pulling. Core exercises can also be done, but only if you can do it very carefully. 

After four weeks, the skin and tissues might already have healed and stretched out nicely, so you can already take things up a notch. Some people might be able to take relatively strenuous physical activities at this point, while others won’t. This is because buy prednisone in new york every body is unique, so there’s also a good chance that you shouldn’t be using your pectoral muscles yet. 

How do you when you’re ready to go back to training after getting breast implants? Below are some of the signs you should take note of.

3 Signs that You’re Ready to Train Hard Again After Getting Breast Implants

1. Subsided Pain Levels

The first thing that you should watch out for is the pain. Adding implants will be painful, especially if they’re placed under the muscles. The tissues and your skin will need to stretch out and the wound will also need to heal before you can feel comfortable. 

It’s not uncommon to be in pain for up to four weeks or longer. If you still need heavy painkillers to be able to move, it’s a good sign that you shouldn’t be putting weight on your arms and pectoral muscles yet.

2. Absence of Swelling after Taking Things Up a Notch

If the pain is already gone, you can start using your upper body strength again. Don’t go overboard, though. Start small and always watch out for swelling or discomfort. If any of the two happens, stop what you’re doing.

Swelling is a clear sign that your body is not ready. Feeling pain, especially if it’s your body’s response to your muscle getting strained, is also a good sign that you shouldn’t be working out hard just yet.

3. Your Doctor’s Go Signal

A few weeks after your operation, you’ll be scheduled to see your doctor again. They will assess how well you’re recovering. They’ll also be able to advise you on how you should proceed with your exercises. If everything checks out, your doctor will give you the okay to start working out or training again.

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