Budgerigars are one of the most popular pet birds in the UK – their cheerful colours, sweet faces and their high intelligence has meant that their popularity has endured through the years, and they have remained a firm favourite pet. If you are just starting out on your budgie keeping journey, there are a few things that you need to know before you commit to keeping these lovely little birds.

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Although many people keep budgies indoors in small cages, this is far from ideal. Budgies are active and love to fly around and small, indoor cages do not allow them to do this. Instead, an outdoor aviary will provide a more suitable home and although there are many available online, it is cheaper to build your own.

Where you position the aviary is also important – keep in in a quiet area, but somewhere where the birds will be able to see comings and goings without becoming stressed. Also beware of neighborhood cats and possibly foxes, so make sure it is secure.

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Because budgies are social birds it is important not to have just one. In the wild they live in groups, so do provide them with others of their own kind! As they are inquisitive and intelligent, it is also a good idea to provide toys and perches in the aviary, allowing them to keep themselves amused and prevent boredom. Remember, if you are not wanting to breed your budgies, ensure that you keep opposite sexes apart – you can tell a male apart as he has a blue cere (the lump just above the beak), whereas the female has a brown one.

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