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More people are dining out – but are they happy?

When it comes to dining out, many of us see it as a rite of passage rather than the luxury or special treat it once was.

Making sure you are a responsible pet owner

The joy and rewards of pet ownership are countless. Owning a pet can greatly enrich our lives and can be a welcome addition to any family. They grow up with us and can make a house feel like a home. However it would be foolish to think that owning a pet is always easy. It […]

Why IFAs still beat robo advisors

While a computerised system can often successfully select an appropriate fund when it is provided with some contextualising information such as ethical preferences or risk profiles, it cannot deliver the comprehensive programme of financial planning advice that many people find invaluable.

Planning for summer cocktails with friends

We are quickly moving into the latter part of Spring and Summer will soon be upon us. Summer parties are a great way to enjoy the summer sun and spend some time with family and friends. When it comes to the drinks to serve it is worth looking at Mobile Bar Hire Cheltenham companies to […]

Liposuction Without Major Surgery

Vaser liposuction is a new cosmetic procedure that removes body fat. It is as effective as traditional liposuction but is far less invasive with a quicker recovery time. Not having surgery will be appealing to many customers. There are many companies that use the brand Lancome cosmetics to help with things like liposuction.

Looking after your central heating during the summer

Come the summer, the last thing on your mind is your central heating. However, it’s the perfect time for any maintenance and overhauling that it might need as it’s the time of year when you won’t be relying on it. Summer is the ideal time to get your boiler serviced or having the entire system […]

Which industries are being most affected by Brexit?

Although nobody knows the full effect of Brexit right now, there are already signs that some sectors will be considerably more impacted than others. Here are five industries most affected by Britain leaving the EU. Image Credit Financial services The financial services industry is a massive part of the UK economy, and it could be […]

Four Ways to Rock a Maxi Dress

A maxi dress is a must-have dress for many occasions and just everyday living. Image Credit On the Beach Maxi dresses in tropical prints shout sun, sea and sandy beaches and are a must have for anyone in the holiday mood. Bring on the bright colours, palm prints and wrap-around maxis if you’re planning to […]

Taking the fight to crime in a Super Car.

In the nineteen seventies and eighties if you wanted a creative television show with a little bit of semi comedy crime-drama, possibly some science fiction and a good ol’ fashioned American Hero at the helm then the first person that you called was Glen Albert Larson. He was responsible for many hit shows such as […]

Doors and Wardrobes in Fiction

You might not think that wardrobes, cupboards and doorways feature very heavily in literature, but books themselves are special doorways to a magical land of fiction and adventure and when doorways do appear in literature, they are often just as mysterious and enticing. For a lot of young readers, the first time we are introduced […]