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first charge lithium ion battery

How to first charge lithium ion battery for the first time?

Opening a new mobile phone is an exciting experience that often comes up against a common question: How to first charge lithium ion battery for the first time? We explain it to you.

Windows 10 pro 32/64 bit

Tips and tricks of Windows 10 pro 32/64 bit that you have to know

Windows 10 pro 32/64 bit is here again to surprise you. If you are wanting to update your operating system but still do not know how to start with it, you have found the right place. We leave here the best tips and tricks so you can take advantage of all the features and developments […]

How to choose a laser printer for home

How to choose a laser printer for home? – Tips for everyone

Think about whether you are willing to overpay for an A3 laser printer or a color laser printer? So, the first thing you need to decide on when choosing a laser printer for your home is what you will use it for: will you print text, photographs, diagrams or drawings on it? The most common […]

Face ID

Face ID: This could work on the new iPhone 8 and Download Face ID

Ming-Chi Kuo talks about the Face ID of the new iPhone. The famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI has published some details. It’s about how the Face ID for the face recognition that will integrate into the iPhone 8 could work.

processor buying tips

Amazing processor buying tips: everything you should keep in mind

If you are upgrading your PC, the processor is one of the components that requires more attention. The investment is important. Therefore, it is fundamental to know the specifications of each model.  In order to choose the processor, follow our Processor buying tips.

Health Tips

Health Tips and tricks: How to Enjoy The Sun In Spring Season

Tips from Dermatologist The first tips from dermatologists regarding the spring sun is that even though temperatures are lower than summer temperatures, sunbathing without proper protection can be as harmful as doing so in the summer season.