Real Time Facial Recognition Cameras Could Aid in Search for Missing People

As technology continues to advance at speed, the police force is just one of the sectors benefitting from new digital developments. One breakthrough piece of smart technology that is being worked on is a body-worn camera with the intelligence to recognise missing people. Image Credit Facial Recognition Cameras: What Can They Do? It is thought […]

Apple iOS 10 Review

Review: iOS 10, this is Apple’s new mobile operating system

Last June, Apple took the step to introduce us the new developments of the next generation of its mobile operating system, iOS 10. We have been testing it on various devices since its first beta until today. So, we have taken advantage of to make a complete analysis of the news and the experience of […]

best smartphone Apple iPhone 7

Review of the world’s no 1 best smartphone Apple iPhone 7

Introduction of Best Smartphone Apple iPhone 7 The release of the new best smartphone Apple iPhone 7 always takes place with great excitement. Here it was only presented, and everyone has already started discussing new colors, refusal from mini jack and other innovations. Immediately experts are saying that the device of their money is not […]

Could robots take over from financial advisers?

People think of robots in terms of the whirring, clanking metallic silver creations of 1950s sci-fi movies. You almost certainly wouldn’t want one of these looking after your investments. But today we trust automation in manufacturing and many other areas, so why not finance? Image Credit Of course, you wouldn’t expect to sit across a […]

Why bamboo can make a great building material

Bamboo has so much potential as a building material. Non-toxic, durable, renewable and environmentally friendly, bamboo is strong and cheap. Unlike wood, you don’t need to wait decades for it to mature, and it’s even possible to grow your own. Image Credit Light and strong Bamboo isn’t difficult to work with, as it doesn’t weigh […]

How to Paint House?

How to Paint House? Step by Step Tips For Make Your House Beautiful

The walls of your house scream for a hand of paint, but you have no budget for painters and you prefer to take care of paint house. Well, these are the steps that you must follow and everything you have to keep in mind to decorate your home.

BlueStacks APP Player

BlueStacks APP Player Latest Version Download for PC

BlueStacks APP Player is an excellent app that allows you have to run Android Applications on your Computer. The user will be able to manage all the features on the virtual device, and also download, install of the different apps in just a few times. This BlueStacks App shows inside a windows and Android’s touch […]

A basic guide to home automation.

What is it and do you really need it? And which gadgets do you need and which are gimmicks? Can you imagine a home that could be completely controlled via an app on your smartphone? These days it isn’t just your computer and TV that can connect to the internet, but a whole host of […]

Demand for Fine Art Storage Soaring

Fine art collecting has become big business, and as more people seek out sought-after works of art, the demand for art storage facilities is also rising. Image Credit Surge in Demand According to The Telegraph the global art market is booming, with sales in 2014 alone reaching a high of £37 billion. Many people who […]

iphone 7 plus review

Apple Iphone 7 plus: Complete Review and Analysis

The iPhone 7 Plus is the most controversial iPhone of all time, but behind that debate lies a smartphone that involves several hits. From greater durability to an excellent dual camera and great battery life, there is much to like if you can look past its errors.