As the spring time has finally come a upon us its time to start thinking about getting out and about in the countryside. When you do there are many interesting sights to see in the wildlife department. One of these is the emergence of the Hare. Whist it is related to a rabbit the Hare is the natural inhabitant of the British Isles. It is known for it’s mad and crazed running around at this time of year. One other animal that can get maddened is the Horse through the unpleasant condition known as Sweet Itch. Luckily there are products to help soothe some symptoms and a visit to will show you how. As for the Hare’s madness lets take a look as to why this happens.

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Unsurprisingly the reason is the opposite sex. The male Hares are looking for suitable mates and also to show that they are the kind of Hare the lady would like to get with. How do they attract the fair sex? Simple, they run around like ruddy nutters trying to show off. This generally involves running and leaping about for no apparent reason whatsoever, then suddenly coming to a dead stop.  The Hare then scans around as if thinking “what was that all about?” before starting it all over again. They also like to engage in a bit of Hare fisticuffs with each other to try and cut the competition. What do the lady Hares make of all this? Is it a pointless buy prednisolone 5mg for dogs exercise? Apparently not. The Lady Hares are impressed by these shows, even if they don’t show it outright. They are content to sit on the side-lines watching this whole debacle in a Hare equivalent of dancing around your handbags waiting for a guy to finally pluck up the courage to buy you a drink. The male hares do not limit themselves to just the month of March. They are happily prepared to go through the entire 3-month breeding season doing this or until a Lady Hare relents and says “oh, go on then…”.

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We humans have seen this behaviour and have naturally decide that this is a very good way of describing someone who is starting, or already has begun, to act irrationally. When you hear or use, the words “they as Mad as a March Hare” you should know that your quoting or hearing an ancient rural saying that has been with us for centuries.  Like the phrase, “Getting my goat” or “You’re the Cats whiskers” we have always been willing to use the animal kingdom for a useful colourful metaphor. The real way that the phrase has stuck in our language is because Lewis Carrol used the  figure of the Hare as one of the insane characters at the Mad Hatters tea party. The sight of the Hare exhorting people to “move round” and to celebrate un-birthdays seemed to resonate and it was partly to do with the old rural memory of these crazed countryside favourites.

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