Reviews What Should You Know About Custom Glass Treatments?

What Should You Know About Custom Glass Treatments?

People judge by first impressions – that’s just human nature – so make sure the exterior of your home is not leading people to make incorrect assumptions about you. Personalise your outdoor space and give you home some ‘kerb appeal’ and consider updating your windows.

Custom Glass Treatments

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You might want to consider some designer glass or custom treatments. There are plenty of options these days to show your personality outside as well as inside.


Adding some decorative glass to your windows still allows light into your home, but it can offer more privacy by obscuring the inside to outside observers. There are lots of patterns available, from frosted leaves to raindrops. If the glass is likely to be something you’ll see as well from the inside, such as patio doors, you might want something with added interest, like an etched pattern, for days when there’s little to see outside. Etching could cover traditional frosting but also patterns and shadow options.

Privacy glass is great for bathrooms because you don’t want to be on view to the outside world, but equally you need enough light to see what you’re doing. You might also consider it if you have a window straight on to a street with pedestrian traffic.


Treated glass can be more resistant to breakages, and if it does break, it shatters into much smaller pieces than untreated glass, which might leave larger shards that pose a much greater risk of injury. It’s particularly useful in places that could be slippery or wet, on either side, with patio doors being a great example – also showers and around baths, where there is more chance of people losing their balance, and at the top of stairways, where the implications of falling could be greater.

Custom Glass Treatments

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You can do so much more with window panes today than has been possible in the past; think grilles or grids, patterns and gridlines. And there are so many colour options, too.

Once you’ve chosen your glass, be sure to give them a long-lasting fitting, with UPVC fascia boards from expert suppliers like

For more ideas about what to do with your windows, see the article from Real Simple and see if anything inspires you.

There are endless possibilities for making your glass your own and turning it into a focal point.

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