Reviews Why flooring is the linchpin of interior design

Why flooring is the linchpin of interior design

When we think of interior design, we often think of things such as furniture, decor and lighting. But as flooring takes up the most space, it is likely to see the most wear over time and is also important to both ambiance and acoustics. Maybe this is something we should also consider.

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Hardwood flooring is a timeless and popular choice in many homes. In fact, an article in The Balance states that home builders put it amongst some of the best flooring choices there are. But what is so great about hardwood flooring?

It’s Timeless

There is a timeless charm to hardwood flooring, which is why many designers are keen to emulate the style of wooden floors laid centuries ago. The warm, charismatic and inviting feel that a wooden floor creates can be appreciated in almost any room of the home. It’s also a stylish choice for businesses such as bars and restaurants.

It’s Versatile

There is a huge scope for customising and designing hardwood engineered flooring from It can be cut, coloured and textured to fit into any living space. It’s also very easy to accessorise wooden flooring with rugs and furniture of all varieties.

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It’s Easy to Maintain and Durable

Providing you maintain your flooring, it will stand the test of time. Sweeping and waxing your hardwood floor is essential but simple. Remember never to use excess water on wooden flooring, as it can cause wooden panels to swell and become distorted.


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