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Glorious Glosters

There is something a bit special of the regiment from Gloucestershire. Unique to the Glosters, out of the whole British Army, is the fact that they wear badges on the front and back of their berets. Why this special honour? The Glosters were rewarded for their outstanding courage and resilience in an epic battle against […]

Pros and cons of cotton clothing

Cotton is one of the most common natural materials in use today. Made out of fibres obtained from the cotton plant, the soft, durable and hardwearing material has been made into clothes, bedding and other goods for centuries. Image Credit According to the National Cotton Council of America, the world uses more cotton than any […]

8 reasons for women to take up rugby

Predominantly a sport for the boys, rugby is fast becoming a must-do activity for females everywhere. Image Credit The England Women’s World Cup rugby win in 2014 inspired a nation of females to take up rugby. According to the BBC, statistics provided by the Rugby Football Union indicate that 10,000 more females are playing rugby […]

North Yorkshire Water Park Opens this Month

A new, high adventure water park is set to open in North Yorkshire this month, which will offer participants the chance to take part in activities they have probably only seen on television. Image Credit North Yorkshire Water Park, which can be found five miles away from Scarborough, is due to open to the public […]

DIY Maintenance Tips for Commercial Fridges

Maintaining your commercial refrigerators in good condition is important for various reasons. Not only does it help to extend the life of the equipment, it can also save on electricity consumption, which of course saves you money. Image Credit DIY Checklist Check the temperature regularly. Health and Safety legislation sets out the temperature at which […]

Why Curved Glasses Can Enhance the Ale Drinking Experience

As scientific research conducted at the University of Oxford has concluded that curved glasses ensure that ale tastes both fruitier and more intense, every serious ale drinker may soon be insisting their favourite drink is served in a very particular shaped glass. Image Credit The Study 53 volunteers were each given a sample of the […]

Five Ways to Decorate Around a TV

Although television designs have become thinner and sleeker, televisions are still huge black rectangles that decorators dread to deal with in terms of design. However, help is at hand in these creative and stylish decorating tips. Image Credit Frame It Personalise your TV by placing a frame around it. Slightly larger frames will show some […]

Why Retailers Should be Prepared for Seasonal Spikes

Seasonal spikes are all part of retail, and only those retailers who fully prepare for the peaks and troughs of retail management can maintain good cash flow and keep losses down. If you’re still not convinced that you need to be better armed against seasonal spikes, then read on for a full explanation. Image Credit […]

What safeguarding training is available for football coaches?

Football is a superb team sport for children, whether they participate in the game essentially for recreational reasons or they have ambitions of a professional career. It’s legitimate, though, for parents to be concerned that their children are properly protected from abusive and predatory behaviour from adults, when they are playing sports. Image Credit Importance […]

How to nail your content strategy so that your SEO flies

Creating a clear, coherent and successful content strategy is one of the best ways to organically optimise a site and boost its search rank without falling back on paid ads. Image Credit This is especially important in an age when web users are switching to mobile devices from desktop to fuel their browsing habits, causing […]