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Sustained attention

Sustained attention: concept and theories

Sometimes, immersed as many of our young people are in a compulsory education system, it is not easy to follow that maxim of Albert Einstein: “Never consider study as an obligation, but as an opportunity to penetrate the beautiful and wonderful world of knowledge”. This phrase is perfect to introduce us to sustained attention virtue […]

How to teach children to save light

How to teach children to save light | Tips for children

How to teach children to save light? Instilling positive values to the little ones is very important. But making them interested in learning by trying to teach them in the most fun way possible is key. In this article, today we bring you some tips on how to teach children to save light. They are […]

Benefits of listening to music

Benefits of listening to music | 14 Incredible Benefits

In this article I will explain the 14 incredible benefits of listening to music in children and adults. Its effects observed at the cerebral, social and behavioral levels. Music has been important for Homo Sapiens for thousands of years. It is not known exactly when the first song or melody was born. It is known […]

Prenatal Control in Pregnancy

The Importance of Prenatal Control in Pregnancy

Every pregnant woman should attend periodic check-ups so that the specialist can make sure that everything goes well for both the mother and her child. These checkups are called prenatal checks and are of paramount importance for the well-being of the pregnant woman and her child. Through the prenatal control, the specialist can monitor the […]

Physical and mental well-being

7 health tips for getting physical and mental well-being

Our mental well-being has become the top priority of our lives: In our free time, away from work and away from occupations. We like to fill our time with healthy habits: Going out with friends, playing sports, socializing, participating in cultural activities etc.

Home accident in the elderly

How to prevent the home accident in the elderly? [Must Read]

Just like children, older people also have a very high risk of having an accident in their own home. Falls, bumps, burns, poisonings and other types of events are the most serious causes of the home accident. In the USA, home-based accidents are the third leading cause of death, just after homicides and traffic accidents.

return to school

The return to school means more enthusiasm and commitment for children

Holiday memories are falling behind. Now the moment demands a new challenge for the family: Entering or returning to school, school or day care.

tips to achieve happiness

Some tips to achieve happiness day by day [MUST READ]

Happiness is an ideal that we must look for every day with our actions and thoughts. Keys to finding it in our daily lives, below: It does not take much money or possessions to achieve happiness in everything we do.  With a positive attitude and willingness to be happy despite adversity we can smile and […]

long distance relationship

10 tips to improve your long distance relationship to make life easier

A long distance relationship can retain much of the charm of the early days. To achieve it requires creativity, overcome laziness and comfortable routines. Ten recommendations to keep the emotion and the illusion alive.