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How to use VirtualBox on windows PC

With VirtualBox, you can install various operating systems in a virtual environment. To do this, you do not need to reinstall the underlying OS. VirtualBox executes the computer emulator and runs under your main OS. In this case, the entire virtual system is stored in one file – a virtual hard disk that emulates the […]

How to stabilize GoPro

How to stabilize GoPro videos or action cams in general with the Gimbal

The GoPro is by my side on every journey. I can not leave without. Now it’s almost two years that accompanies me on all journeys recording gigs and gigs of data. Data that unfortunately, before buying the stabilizer had a video quality not excellent, they were too rough.

Conceptual Photography

The Keys You Were Waiting To Achieve Your First Conceptual Photography

In today’s article, I present to you a type of photograph that you may have heard from afar. You have been afraid to approach it, or you have tried it that you have stayed in the intention. It’s about conceptual photography. A type of photography that can turn out to be a very broad field. […]


123movies closed! Don’t worry, we find out the best alternatives 

Web pages that allow downloading files come and go frequently. Many of them are often forced to close for various reasons, one of the most common that the audiovisual industry has focused on you, and I threaten you with very serious legal repercussions if you do not close. This is what happened to 123movies.

kenya moore net worth

Kenya moore net worth: How much she earned?

Kenya Summer season Moore was actually born upon January 24, 1971, in Detroit, Michigan. She was actually reared through her concerned grandma, as her mama had deserted her. Moore joined the Training class Technical High Institution as well as later learned psychological science at Wayne Condition College. Kenya Moore net worth failed to have off instantly […]

first charge lithium ion battery

How to first charge lithium ion battery for the first time?

Opening a new mobile phone is an exciting experience that often comes up against a common question: How to first charge lithium ion battery for the first time? We explain it to you.

yoga to build muscle

Yoga to build muscle: How yoga help you? (with Infographic)

Many people consider that yoga only serves to improve postures and relax. What they do not know is that thanks to this discipline it is also possible to lose weight. Of course, it will not be in large quantities. It is an excellent way to reduce measures and especially to stay in the kilos you […]

Nikon D3300 vs Canon 1300D

Nikon D3300 vs Canon 1300D: which model to choose?

Nikon D3300 and Canon EOS 1200D are entry-level SLRs. They are suitable for those who want to approach photography focusing on quality. Nikon and Canon have always been brands that have fought for the likes of both professional and amateur photographers. We see the characteristics of their semi-professional SLRs to make the most accurate choice. […]

Sustained attention

Sustained attention: concept and theories

Sometimes, immersed as many of our young people are in a compulsory education system, it is not easy to follow that maxim of Albert Einstein: “Never consider study as an obligation, but as an opportunity to penetrate the beautiful and wonderful world of knowledge”. This phrase is perfect to introduce us to sustained attention.

How to hack WiFi password

How to hack WiFi password with PC and Android apps

Friends who contact me and ask me how to hack WiFi passwords are becoming more numerous. Some are simply fascinated by the topic and ask me if “pierce” a Wi-Fi network. It is as easy as some movies and TV series would have us believe. Others seek advice on how to adequately protect their wireless network from attacks.