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Taking the fight to crime in a Super Car.

In the nineteen seventies and eighties if you wanted a creative television show with a little bit of semi comedy crime-drama, possibly some science fiction and a good ol’ fashioned American Hero at the helm then the first person that you called was Glen Albert Larson. He was responsible for many hit shows such as […]

Doors and Wardrobes in Fiction

You might not think that wardrobes, cupboards and doorways feature very heavily in literature, but books themselves are special doorways to a magical land of fiction and adventure and when doorways do appear in literature, they are often just as mysterious and enticing. For a lot of young readers, the first time we are introduced […]

Why you need to care about dwell time for your website’s SEO

Are people satisfied with your web pages? If so, this is an opportunity to make your business a success. Engaged customers will spend more time on your site and hopefully bring you more business. You can then focus on personalisation and returning customers. If they are not satisfied, you need to work on it fast. […]

Self-assessment: strange excuses and expenses

Many people do not enjoy doing their tax returns; in fact, for the self-employed, assessing themselves and untangling their business activities can be one of the biggest headaches of the year. Sometimes self-assessors become quite imaginative as they seek to justify the claims they are making to HRMC. Image Credit Too short HRMC receives responses […]

Different types of grease traps to choose from

It may not be at the forefront of everyone’s mind, but the grease trap is an important part of the UK drainage system. Image Credit This is particularly significant given the recent news, as reported in the Guardian, that another giant “fatberg” has been discovered, this time in the drainage system of Sidmouth. With previous […]

Cleaning jobs that require a professional

Owning a business is hard work and takes up a great deal of your time. The last thing you want to be thinking about is cleaning the property as well. The sensible option is to pay someone to take care of that side of things for you. A professional cleaning company will have all the […]

Is Your Wood Furniture Worth Refinishing?

When it comes to refinishing wood furniture, N-Hance of Spokane has you covered. But is that wood furniture worth refinishing in the first place? You may be surprised to find out that old and battered wood dresser or chair could benefit greatly from getting refinished. Maybe it’s a piece you’ve had in the family for […]

How to Better Protect the Files in Your Android Phone

We rely on our smartphones more than we realize these days; try switching off your phone for half a day or leaving it at home while you go on a school run, and you’ll know exactly what I mean. Over 80% of our lives are now stored digitally, and the majority of that is stored […]

The benefits of plastic furniture

When it comes to choosing furniture for your home, you might think of plastic as something only for the garden or kid’s playroom. Chairs are one of the most common pieces of furniture found anywhere, whether it’s at home, in restaurants or the workplace and they come in many different sizes, styles, colours and materials. […]

Turkish food you must try

Turkey offers many wonderful tourist destinations, from beaches to ancient ruins. However, for foodies, Turkey is a dream location with a huge variety of delicious cuisine from the Ottoman heritage. The cuisine is a wonderful mix of Middle Eastern, Balkan and Central Asian cuisines. Here are some of the must-try dishes for your next holiday […]